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The health of our patients and staff is of the utmost importance. During this difficult time, we will be offering phone call and telemedicine consultations. These virtual visits can be done from the comfort and safety of your home. They are covered by Medicare and private insurers. Call us!


State-of-the-Art Thoracic and Vascular Surgical Care University Quality Care In a Comfortable Community Setting.

Rockland Thoracic & Vascular Associates uses cutting-edge technology and the most advanced medical equipment to diagnose and treat a broad range of thoracic and vascular conditions. With offices in Pomona, Goshen, and Fishkill, New York, as well as in Washington Heights, Manhattan, in New York City, and in Englewood, New Jersey, the team’s experienced surgeons are all board-certified and experienced in treating a variety of conditions.

Rockland Thoracic & Vascular Associates understand that thoracic and vascular conditions are complex and difficult to treat. That’s why the entire team works together to determine the right diagnosis and treatment of every patient.

With an experienced team of specialists, Rockland Thoracic & Vascular Associates provides the highest quality care to patients suffering from many thoracic and vascular diseases including; advanced lung cancer, esophageal cancer, gastroesophageal reflux, hyperhidrosis, emphysema, carotid artery stenosis, aortic aneurysms, limb threat, dialysis access, varicose veins, and more.

The team’s primary goal is to serve their patients in any way possible. To better serve their patients from all backgrounds, Rockland Thoracic & Vascular Associates accepts most major insurances and are affiliated with hospitals throughout New York and New Jersey.

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Words from our patients

  • "I was very pleased by my excellent care. I have had excellent results. There are no marks on my legs and the bulging veins are gone!"

    Karen F.
  • "The team here is amazing and wonderful. The kindest people ever, starting from Mary, Carrie, Dr. Philip and Dr. Choi. You all are the best."

    Alex G.
  • "Just a note to say thanks to you and all the people at Rockland Thoracic that assisted me with my tests, appointments and surgery."

    Joe C.
  • "Dr. “Leg”, Thank you so much for the great job you did on my leg veins. Psoriasis was an awful problem but it cleared up!"

    Jean D.
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